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Basic Mask Pattern

N95 Mask Cover Pattern

These are designed to cover an N95 respirator worn by a health care worker. The goal is to shield the surface of the N95, which may need to be worn multiple times and disinfected between uses. Once an N95’s outer surface because contaminated with fluids, it is supposed to be discarded.

Can’t find the washable, durable ties you need?
Don’t let that be an obstacle!


Remember: Masks must be used with other best practices, changed and handled carefully, and should not give anyone a sense of false confidence. Please practice physical distancing and frequent hand washing.

Additional Patterns

3D Printing Projects

The Million Mask Challenge is primarily a project for craftivists who are sewists! However, many of us creative people also have 3D printers at home, so here is a useful archive of 3D printing resources and ideas that relate to the national shortage of PPE. We note these here because they are good hacks and the CDC has recommended the wearing of face shields over face masks, to add an extra waterproof barrier. We gladly accept donations of “ear saver” plastic pieces with masks if you want to make some. Thank you!

Bias Tape Maker

Use 3D printing to make a device that folds 1-inch, 1.5-inch, or 2-inch fabric (bias tape) into strings for protective masks. Fabric ties are durable in the washing machine, and eliminate the need to source other materials that can be difficult to find. This device does not require ironing. The folded tape is fed directly into a sewing machine. This makes the creation of tie strings for protective masks extremely fast and easy. The two sections fit together to make a single device so both folds can be done at once (see photo).

DOWNLOAD: Thingiverse Page / Project Files

DOWNLOAD: Thingiverse version with notches for pins

Bias Maker - 3D pattern

Ear Saver Devices

These devices are awesome! They allow someone to use basic masks with different sizes of elastic loops, and avoid getting rubbed raw behind the ears. The mask fits behind the head, and holds the mask in place. There are several effective designs, and if you have a 3D printer at home, all of these devices you can print WILL be used and much appreciated, if you can include them with your bags of masks.

DOWNLOAD: Thingiverse Page / Project Files

DOWNLOAD: Coming soon! FunBotics teen STEM files

DOWNLOAD: “S” shaped Ear Saver hook / Thingiverse

DOWNLOAD: “Heroes” Ear Saver / Thingiverse

Ear Saver File - Photo of Device

Ear Saver Photo - 3D Printing Project

3D Printable Masks

The Stopgap Face Mask consists of two main components (the mask body and the filter cover) and contains features for attaching two elastic straps and receiving a patch of filter material.  It is recommended that the rectangular filter patch and elastic straps are disposed of after every use of this device. The remaining parts of the plastic mask can be disinfected using common disinfecting solutions or sterilized and reused.

DOWNLOAD: NIH 3D Print Exchange / Project Files

We would love to add additional 3D printable mask files, if you are with a hospital that has TESTED these and have one to recommend.

Face Shields

Face shields are recommended over homemade emergency use masks, by the CDC.

The 3D printing community is making face shields. The shields are a waterproof barrier, which can be cleaned. A coaliton of maker groups in Baltimore is leading a project.

Links for the Makers Unite! Face Shield Project:

Second version: Thingiverse files remix of the Prusa project, approved by the National Institutes of Health.

In addition, there are DIY face shields projects that require absolutely no 3D printing.


3D Face Shield Parts

Donation & Delivery

Packaging Suggestions for Making Masks to Donate

Enclose items in a plastic Ziploc bag.

when they arrive at the health care provider’s office, before any face mask is worn for the first time. We have created printable wash and care instructions for your convenience.


Pattern Archive

Here are some other pattern ideas, although we appreciate it you will donate masks to our project from our primary patterns above. Facebook is the place for live chats with other makers about what they are doing, and to ask for help. Please email detailed improvements to our patterns and feedback to

Basic two layer patterns using elastic
Super simple instructions: Cut a 15 x 9 rectangle Fold in half, right sides together. Press. Sew leaving a 4” opening to turn inside out. Sew opening shut. Make three 1” pleats, sew in place, sew in the 1/8” elastic which goes around the ears, cut those 7” long

Basic two layer pattern with ties

A little more complicated mask pattern but with ties instead of elastic

Patterns with seams in the middle (slightly more complicated)

More fitted patterns with a pocket for a filter

Other Tutorials and Helpful Sites

  • Joann fabrics — Announced they would be handing out kits for supplies to make up to five masks at some stores. (Our policy at the Million Mask Challenge has been to prevent extra trips being made anywhere right. Stay home!) The tutorials here are excellent, and online shopping is available!
  • United Point in Cedar Rapids Iowa put up a resource for mask making with videos and address where you can send completed masks. This is a design for a tight fitting mask with a filter pocket.
  •, founded out of the Seattle makers community on the front edge of the pandemic in the United States, is posting patterns and has a supplies bulletin board. They have also been organizing and helping contacts in each state to work on this project.
  • Relief Crafters of America has put out an “Urgent Mask Call” with information. They have also organized their members who use their craftivism to respond to all kinds of emergencies, all over the world.
  • Pins and Needles, a sewing business in Ohio, posted awesome videos and tutorials on different patterns.
  • A costume design team from the Chicago area, and one of our members, put up a fantastic video about how to make a more complicated, tighter fitting design with wire.

Is there an essential resource we are missing? Is one of these patterns too difficult or too hard to use, and it should be removed? Is a link broken?

Please let us know at We apologize that we cannot respond to every email, but we do read everyone and add the ideas to our research database.

No-Sew Patterns for Health Care

We have had requests from people who do not sew. Some organizations are trying to make disposable N95 covers, using surgical drapes and other office supply materials. Here’s a look at one hospital’s project. PLEASE don’t go online and purchase things marked “sterile,” because healthcare providers are trying to buy more of those supplies. If you have a pilot project and want to share globally, please contact us.

Instructions: No Sew, Office Supply Facemask Covers

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