Basic Mask Pattern

PROJECT NOTE (not in pattern yet) : Adjustable Ear Loops

We have asked our users to give us design feedback, to guide us as we refined designs from the beginning. Fall 2020 planning survey results showed that more than half of frontline users really love having adjustable loops/straps if possible. Adjustable masks can result in a tighter fit. We think this is a great idea!

Toggle Tool How-To Photo

To MODIFY the Basic Mask Pattern, and make adjustable loops, we recommend at least 9 inches of elastic on each side for adults, and for kids, at least 8 inches. One nice thing is that this makes the masks easier to sew because the elastic is longer and easier to work with at that length.

Silicone toggles can then be added for adjustability as shown. This photo shows a simple, small hook tool that works well with these cord locks. You can also use a simple piece of wire.

Do you sew with a group and need supplies? Want to join us? We are providing partner groups with materials and supplies, as long as we can receive your masks or coordinate with you to fulfill requests on our list. And yes! We have toggles, elastic, and fabric for participating Craftivists in our region. To inquire about partnering with us, please contact:


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