Request Confirmation

 Thank you for reaching out to us.

We have received your request for masks, caps, or other items.

At this point in time, we may be able to fill your request in about a week, or it can take several weeks to fill larger requests and surgical cap orders, even with a volunteer network of more than 4,000 craftivists. Everything is made by hand and takes someone 15 minutes for a mask up to an hour for some caps. The retail value of every item we make is $7-$20, and to date, our organization has made and donated more than $1-million in masks and caps. We will review your request carefully before agreeing to provide donated materials.

Requests are handled in the order they came in. We always prioritize frontline health care workers, then other frontline heroes. But we now have the capacity to consider some other requests as well, as long as volunteers will sign-up to sew for those projects. 

Those who allow us to share their projects publicly will help our effort and allow us to fill requests more quickly. Craftivists are motivated to support specific causes, through our “Commit to Stitch” campaigns on our Facebook group. They will sign up to sew for you — if we can share your project. If we cannot post your project to the public, and you have a very large request, it will be impossible to fill it.

You will be personally contacted to confirm the details of your request, and you must respond in order to receive a donation. After two unsuccessful attempts to reach you, we will archive your request. You are welcome to make changes when we talk, so please don’t submit a duplicate request.

Please email us if you receive medical grade PPE and no longer require these items, so that we can use our resources to help someone else who has nothing.

We will contact you one last time, right before we are ready to deliver or ship any items. Please respond quickly, or we will move to the next provider on the list, and come back to you later. We will not deliver without confirming details in advance, especially with limitations on entry at many locations for safety.

Have you confirmed if your organization will allow staff to use homemade  items? Our preference is to support organizations who explicitly state they will allow caregivers to use these face masks, caps, or other items, especially when no other alternative is available. If your organization’s policy is unclear, we will jump to the next group on our list. Please send any documentation that may be helpful to our provider request email. The policy must be confirmed before we fill your request.

We appreciate your help to recruit more volunteers and supporters! Please share our project on social media and direct your mailing lists of possible supporters to for patterns and information; to our Facebook group for community and support; and to our GoFundMe page to fund the purchase of supplies for free kits. Our craftivists receive the kits, which allow them to make masks more quickly.

Thank you for your work fighting COVID-19.

We hope we can support you!


The Million Mask Challenge Team

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