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Sew Ready Kits FAQ

What are Sew Ready Kits?

A Sew Ready Kit contains enough pre-cut material (fabric and elastic or twill/ribbon) for 20, 30, or 40 masks.  Completed masks should then be returned to the Million Mask Challenge within seven days for distribution by us to health care and front line workers.

Who is eligible for a kit?

Anyone who has previously donated masks through the Million Mask Challenge for distribution by us and completed our Mask Donation Form is eligible for a kit.  Other craftivists with confirmed, personal donations may also be eligible depending on the availability of kits.  Sew Ready Kits are limited in number, so unfortunately we aren’t able to fill every request that we receive.

How do I apply for a kit?

The link to the Sew Ready Kit request form is posted each Tuesday on Facebook and is made available on the website. Applications close each Wednesday at 6 PM. You will be notified on Thursday or Friday if you were chosen for a kit. If you applied the previous week and did not receive a kit, please apply again each week to confirm your availability to sew masks that week.

Will I be notified if I wasn’t chosen?

We are a small team of volunteers and it may not be possible to notify every person that they did not receive a kit.

Will I receive the type of kit that I requested?

We try our best to accommodate the masks type and number that you requested; however, kits are based on availability so you may receive fewer pre-cut masks than you requested.

How do I pick up my Sew Ready Kit?

We will notify you on Facebook and/or via email when your kit is ready for pick-up. You may pick up your kit at one of our pick-up locations (South Arlington, Ashburn, Fairfax, or Towson) upon confirmation from us that your kit is ready. Please only grab the kit that has your name on it. 

Do you offer delivery?

We understand that some people may not be able to leave their house, or these pick-up locations may not be convenient, so you may request a delivery. Please indicate on the request form that you require a delivery. Kits will be delivered between Thursday and Saturday, depending on our drivers’ schedule. It may not be possible to coordinate specific delivery times for each request. If you have a specific concern or instructions regarding delivery, please note that on your request form and we will try to accommodate you.

How do I return my completed masks?

Please return your Sew Ready Kit masks as you would donate any other face masks to us. Complete our Mask Donation Form and then take your masks to a collection box or mail them to Million Mask Challenge, 4909 16th Road N, Arlington, VA 22207.

What if I can’t complete my masks before the week deadline?

We understand that things come up, so if you aren’t able to meet the deadline please reach out to Lauren Smith Janzen or Rachel Szewczyk on Facebook, or via email at: 

Can I get more than one kit a week?

At this time, we are only offering one kit per person each week to allow numerous craftivists the chance to receive a kit. 

Can I use this kit to fulfill a mask request that you posted on Facebook?

Yes, of course! 

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